Acoustic Insulation Market: Remodeling of Music Studios, Corporate Buildings, and Auditoriums to Drive Demand

San Francisco, California, December 07, 2017: TMR Research has published a new report which is titled, “Acoustic Insulation Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025. As per the report, the global acoustic insulation market is driven by increasing awareness regarding health, enhanced living standards, and snowballing government norms that oppose noise pollution. The global acoustic insulation market is supported by the flourishing building and construction industry. The demand for acoustic insulation will also be remarkable from the transportation sector. The development and advancements in the automotive sector have resulted in vehicle models which provide acoustic insulation as a premium, luxury feature offered by vehicle manufacturers. The demand for acoustic insulation is also increasing on account of the growing awareness among people regarding noise pollution and its ill effects on the human health. Soundproofing has thus become important.

The oil and gas industries as well as power generation sector also holds the promising potential to fuel the adoption of acoustic insulation. In addition to these sectors, the marine and aerospace sectors will also demand acoustic insulation solutions. The global acoustic insulation market has received impetus on account of the increasing demand for better sound quality and fire safety. The market is benefited from growing refurbishment activities, construction activities, and remodeling of music studios, corporate buildings, auditoriums etc.

It is estimated that rock wool, polystyrene, and glass wool are expected to be the types of acoustic insulations which will witness a heightened demand. The demand for these types of acoustic insulation has spiked as they offer supreme soundproofing as well as also enhance the quality of sound. Workout spaces, recording studios, shipbuilding segments, control rooms, and cabinets are major consumers of acoustic insulation and will have an upper hand in contributing to the growth of the global acoustic insulation market in the years to come.

The bolstering demand for home theatres in residential projects has also upped the demand for acoustic solutions. Rising upcoming projects offering superior sound insulation, for instance, Cornflake which is a company based in the UK has announced that they will increase their home cinema projects in Central London and make extensive use of acoustic insulation so as to provide amazing sound experience to users, will also help the market to grow.

On the basis of geography, the global acoustic insulation market can be segmented into Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. Of these, it is estimated that Asia Pacific will dominate the acoustic insulation market on account of the booming construction activities, especially in developing nations such as India and China. Government is also funding various industrial and commercial projects and these projects make use of soundproofing and fire safety, thus driving the growth prospects of the Asia Pacific acoustic insulation market. The market in North America is led by the increasing focus on advanced engineering solutions for building better and improved buildings.

Players within the global acoustic insulation market are concentrating hard on developing nations and expanding their reach to these nations so as to reduce the manufacturing cost. This is because developing nations offer cheap labor. The report studies the leading players in this market. Some of the players profiled within the report are: Knauf Insulation, Rockwool International, Armacell, Kingspan, Paroc, Fletcher, AIM, BASF, Cellecta, Twiga, Roxul, TAP, Hush, Lloyd, K-Flex, AFICO, and SIDERISE.

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