AAA Test Shows Drawbacks of Autonomous Vehicles

The demand for electric or automated vehicles have grown significantly, as new and advanced technologies has started disrupting the traditional ways of manufacturing vehicles. The automated vehicles are equipped with all advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, GPS, real time traffics alerts and similar other technologies. But a recent test conducted by the American Automobile Association shows that shows that electronic driver assist systems are not capable enough to keep vehicles in their lanes or neither can spot objects early enough to avoid accidents.

The tests give a warning that drivers should not think that automated vehicles are completely self-driving and they should be ready to take control at any time. These systems act as an aid to driving and are not actually autonomous, in spite of all the hype around vehicle autonomy, said director of automotive engineering at AAA Greg Brannon. He further added by saying that having a pilot in the name may suggest a level of unaided driving. However, it not correct as per the current state of the development of these systems.

Results showing results were derived after the second test and imply that these systems are not capable of handling real-world driving situations, including a few relatively common situations. In the third quarter of the year, the Insurance Institute Highway Safety showed similar problems showed in the AAA study.

According to AAA the vehicles glided out of lanes, struggled moderate traffic, and streets with busy intersections. Moreover, three out of four would have failed to crash in times when a vehicle ahead changed lanes a simulated stopped vehicle was ahead.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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