A Rise in the Prevalence of various Gastrointestinal Disorders to Drive Growth of Global Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer Market

The global market for hydrogen breath test analyzer is expected to witness remarkable progress in the near future. Characteristics like low power consumption, sensitivity, and high precision that are offered particularly by the electrochemical sensors are gaining popularity and propelling the advancement of the global hydrogen breath test analyzer market.

Among its five regional segments, the global hydrogen breath test analyzer market is currently dominated by the region of North America. The growth of the regional segment is primarily attributed to an augmented prevalence of carbohydrate malabsorption in the region. The Asia Pacific region is developing at a rapid rate owing to the rise of health awareness and proliferation in the number of incidences of lactose malabsorption amongst the people in this region.

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Some of the key insights into the competitive landscape of the global hydrogen breath test analyzer market are given below:

  • The competitive landscape of the global hydrogen breath test analyzer market is fragmented one due to the presence of numerous key players. The leading companies in the global hydrogen breath test analyzer market are striving to outpace their rivals. Thus, the global market is highly competitive.
  • These companies in the global market are also adopting aggressive marketing strategies such as takeover, mergers, and joint ventures in order to stay ahead of the competitive curve.
  • In 2018, the Commonwealth Diagnostics International, Inc obtained Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada with an aim to expand product offerings outside the territories of the US. Health Canada is a department of the government of Canada responsible for the health of the Canadian people and hence, this license will enable the diagnostic service provider to reach a wider pool of consumers.

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