A Personalized Power Management System to Meet Growing Energy Demand?

With an array of connected devices, understanding usage and power consumption requires a tool. While there have been guidelines for individual devices, there is no tool that helps you understand your home or office’s power consumption model. Omar Isaac Asensio, an assistant professor at the school of public policy, Georgia Institute of Technology seems to have a solution.

He says that a simple personalized communication to individuals on their emails or phones could help optimize power consumption. He draws this inference from human behavior. Further, he says that when brands point out that heating or cooling devices consume large share of electricity, it is easy for people to recon. On the other hand, when the communication is generalized, people often ignore it.

Connected Devices Account for 15% Demand Growth

Globally, the demand for connected devices is growing with every year. And, research points out that they alone account for 15% of the total energy demand growth. Further, looking at the steeply rising volume of consumption, the share of connected devices’ power consumption will shoot up in the coming years.

Asensio proposes a model that helps consumers use smart devices smartly. Nature Energy published his work. He states that personalized messages helped reduce electricity consumption 8%, a number that looks below par. However, when the volume of connected devices grows, this number will start becoming prominent.

The study also hints at the way forward. As devices improve and become smarter, the patters of consumption will also change. This means, the need for this tool is eternal. The tool will also have to improve with new devices making way to the market.  

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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