A New System to Assist VI Individuals Can Improve Perception Capacities

New developments in technology do have a significant impact on the lives of people. These technological advancements are helpful for the invalid and offer them invaluable assistance in their day to day lives. A notable example is help and guidance from high-tech tools or gadgets to either partially or completely blind people.

Continuing the research in this field, the scientists at the CloudMind Technologies Inc. in China, have developed a new wearable assistive system. Further, scientists have developed this deep-learning powered system to help visually impaired individuals. The system has a powerful processor, wearable terminal, and a smartphone. The wearable terminal consists of two fundamental components – an earphone and an RGBD camera. 

How Does the System Work?

This newly developed system by the designers at CloudMinds collect the essential data from the surrounding of the user with the help of RGBD camera. This information is then sent to the convolutional neural network or CNN that works on it. Further, scientists use information from the analysis to predict the most efficient navigational paths and avoid obstacles. Then, it sends these navigational strategies and other key information about the surroundings to the user through the earphone.

The development team of the system tested its performance in the form of multiple experiments consisting of real-world obstacles. The system’s performance was remarkable and it successfully communicated precise navigational information in several outdoor and indoor scenarios. The information collected from these experiments suggests that the system also helps in improving the environment perception capacities and the mobility performance of the user while doing real-world tasks. For instance, the system allowed users to understand the complete layout of the experiment room, helped them in retrieving a lost object, and conveyed information about the nearby traffic situation.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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