A New Material for Improving Solar Cell Performance

Research leading to design new materials for assisting in improving the performance and working of perovskite solar cells (PSCs). The PSCs are emerging photovoltaic technologies that are seen to rise in the power conversion of more than 20%.

Though, PSC material affects the performance in the ion shortcomings that can move around during the working day. Due to their movements, the in-house electric conditions and environmental change within the cell. It is also responsible for light absorption and conducts the electronic charge for extracting it to the external circuit. This is process is called as recombination. Detrimental recombination occurs in numerous locations in a solar cell.

Researchers at the Universities of Portsmouth have developed a method of adjusting properties for encouraging the ionic defects within the solar cell. This perovskite encourages moving in a way that it conducts extraction for an increasing proportion of light.

The Energy and Environmental Science published this study, which showed the PSCs performance depend on permittivity.

Dr. Jamie Foster one of the researchers from the University of Portsmouth claimed that proper cell design is able to manipulate and fix the ionic defects and helps for enhancing the extraction of electronic charge.

Understanding the working and changing layer properties can affect the cell performance, which is dynamic for notifying the cell architectures and designs, Foster added. The researchers found that ion association plays an impotent role in it.

The scientists suggested that PSCs transport layers connected with low permittivity. As such cells show condensed ion opportunity buildup within the perovskite layers.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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