A Common Portal to Enable Access to Medical Records World-wide

Migration and tourism are no longer cumbersome for people. However, medical troubles may surface at anytime any place. And, at that time, fidgeting for medical records is the last thing you want. So, here is a solution from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple – a common portal for medical records. 

Representatives from the tech companies met at Washington D.C. to discuss ways of dispelling important medical information. Healthcare stakeholders like hospitals and insurance companies took part in the meeting on Tuesday. 

The entities agreed to set up technical modules for sharing data about bills and payments. Such data falls under the category of ‘claims’ across healthcare apps. Claims transferred to health insurance companies include charges for doctor’s visit, tests, and other procedures. CARIN Alliance, a coalition amongst tech companies and healthcare facilities, is overseeing the development of these technical modules.

Relevance of Medical Claims

Access to data on claims can help patients manage their healthcare finances. Furthermore, it enables them to plan their insurance on healthcare and medication. On the other hand, clinical information is difficult to retrieve because it involves in-house procedures. Information about medical facilities where patients received treatment is difficult to track and record. However, data about medical claims is independent of the healthcare facility or hospital where treatment was initiated.

Getting Information from Payers

The US Government has focused on the need to dispel medical claim information to patients. However, most people are unable to fetch this information from commercial payers or employers. Google, Microsoft, and Apple are making efforts to resolve these issues for patients. The companies aim to integrate data from individual companies, hospitals, and health insurers on their homegrown app.

Tracking of medical bills, detection of fraudulent practices, and healthcare plans are some of the app features. It is expected that the consumers would be quick to adopt the new service.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

As Head of Marketing at TMR Research, Rohit brings to the table over a decade of experience in market research and Internet marketing. His dedication, perseverance, and passion for perfection have enabled him to achieve immense success in his field. Rohit is an expert at formulating new business plans and strategies to help boost web traffic. His interests lie in writing news articles on technology,healthcare and business.

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