5G in Healthcare Market – Rising Adoption of Telehealth Surgery Projected to Boost Growth Opportunities in the Market

During the forecast period, the 5G in the healthcare market is projected to grow at a noticeable speed. The market growth has been possible with the increasing adoption of telehealth as well as robotics surgery. These adoptions are because of the sudden emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with these factors, the rising adoption of wearable healthcare devices that are 5G-enabled for remote monitoring to get real-time information has also been driving the growth prospects in the 5G in the healthcare market. 

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In recent years, various technological advancements are taking place in telecommunication activities. Along with this factor, the growing availability of the sensors at a low cost is also fueling growth impetus in the 5G in the healthcare market during the forecast period. Furthermore, 5G technology is capable to transmit files with large-sized data of the patient that also serves as the driving factor to develop demand prospects in the 5G in the healthcare market.

On the flip side, 5G network is comparatively costly in terms of deployment and this factor has been expected to curtail the growth impetus in the 5G in the healthcare market.

COVID-19 Pandemic Developed Expansion Opportunities in 5G in Healthcare Market

The sudden emergence of the COVID-19 is changing healthcare delivery at a significant rate. Various hospitals, as well as nursing homes, have actually become the zones for the potential exposure among patients that are likely to require certain urgent medical care. These factors have finally led to stimulating the adoption of telemedicine services as the primary option to assist in the healthcare solutions for the patients. Thus, based on these factors, the 5G in the healthcare market has been estimated to grow at a noteworthy speed in the years to come.

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Remote diagnosis and robotic-assisted surgery have been used commonly in the healthcare industry and also boost growth impetus in the 5G in healthcare market.

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