4 Key Factors Encouraging Investment in Infrastructure as a Service

Minimal wastage of valuable resources is of paramount importance for businesses worldwide. Their persistent search for technology to achieve this chalked the advent of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The technology empowers businesses to diligently use available resources thus forging greater flexibility. Consequently, they are able to get their products or services to the market in a lesser time. As per Transparency Market Research, the global infrastructure as a service market is gearing for an impressive CAGR of 22.1% between 2015 and 2022. The market is booming, which is attributable to the robust growth witnessed in the market for cloud-services.

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The deployment of IaaS is poised to surge exponentially in the coming years. Let us have a look into the factors driving this:

IaaS Reduces Infrastructure Costs

Implementing IaaS can reduce the cost incurred on upgrading or changing existing hardware infrastructure as it allows for limitless agility and scalability. IaaS is therefore considered ideal for businesses as it allows them to scale up or down to swiftly adopt to changing operational needs. Furthermore, businesses can abstain from investing in infrastructure resources that they may not require in the long run.

IaaS Gives Access to Advanced Storage Facilities

It is a persistent struggle for businesses to stay on top of the latest technologies and incorporate the same in their day to day operation, especially for small and medium sized companies. Implementing IaaS offers access to advanced network and storage technologies. This feature is intended to catapult businesses at the fore of the prevailing competition. The demand for infrastructure as a service is therefore expected to increase in the coming years.

IaaS offers Greater Security

While most cloud services boast automation and simplification of daily operations as their key offerings, IaaS scores higher on security. With incidents pertaining to cyber-security breaches scaling higher, leading businesses are eyeing the latest breakthroughs in IT security. At any given point, IaaS is more reliable than its indigenous in-house counterparts that are vulnerable to cyber breaches. IaaS lets users implement a third-party security onto the infrastructure they invested in. This has made IaaS more preferred in highly regulated government, medical, legal, or military institutions.

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IaaS offers Greater Flexibility

Compared to its contemporaries, IaaS bestows businesses with greater flexibility by lessening the wastage of valuable resources. Cloud infrastructure as a service allows businesses to rapidly adopt to changing operational needs without having to incur heavy investment in upgrading the existing hardware each and every time.

As businesses come to realize the aforementioned and several other benefits they can achieve from implementing this advanced cloud technology, the demand for IaaS will rise. In the coming years, the global infrastructure as a service market is forecast to exhibit strong growth. The market is also expected to gain from the rising demand for hybrid cloud computing solutions.

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