3D Printing to Develop Prosthetic Arm

Prosthetics is an important domain in healthcare, and it has improved the quality of life of several patients. The loss of a limb can deprive a person of independence. Hence, it is important to develop agile prosthetics that can help the invalid. To aid this, a team of researchers has developed a new 3D-printed prosthetic for the disabled. It senses motion of the amputee to act accordingly. Researchers have attached a cybernetic interface to the prime socket of the arm to facilitate proper movement. Hiroshima University’s Biological Systems Engineering Lab has developed the prosthetic arm. The new prosthetic models are lighter as against traditional prosthetics made of metal.

Advantages of 3D-Printed Prosthetics

The newly developed prosthetic arms cost lesser than the previous models. This is an important consideration for individuals who cannot afford high-cost aids. Moreover, the synchronization of the prosthetic arm with a computer interface also gives it a mark of superiority. The researchers at Hiroshima University have conducted extensive research to develop next-generation of prosthetics. The primary focus of the researchers is on developing utilitarian prosthetic arms for the masses. These prosthetic arms can improve the quality of life for individuals with major disabilities. The motion-sensitivity of these prosthetic arms is amongst their most splendid quality. Movements such as indicating the peace sign with the fingers can be initiated through the prosthetic arm. Further, these arms can facilitate movements similar to the five fingers.

Future Research

It is expected that the field of prosthetics would gain an impetus through this new development. The healthcare industry is expected to embrace 3D prosthetics with a high level of scrutiny. Doctors and medical practitioners have also approved of the utility of these prosthetics. It would be interesting to see the rate of adoption for this technology.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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