3D Cell Culture Market Promises Robust Growth Amidst Rising Demand for Vivo and Toxicology Drug Screening

3D Cell Culture Market

Funding for diseases like Alzheimer’s are on the rise. The disease is an irreversible brain disorders, which affects more than 5 million Americans in 2019. The growing population of elderly is expected to result in worsening health conditions which is expected to drive growth for research grants for research. Moreover, 3D cell culture is ideal for studying biological cells for vivo drug testing and toxicology of various drugs. The 3D cell culture environment is ideal for studying living tissue as microenvironments naturally exist in 3D environments wherein intricate cell to cell interactions and cell-matrix complex transport dynamics play a crucial role. A 3D cell culture also allows for growth of the biological cells in all directions and also allow their growth in bioreactors or small sized capsules. This makes way for their 3D cell colonies which can be studied in detail in order to enhance testing for drugs and toxicology.

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Rising Drug Testing and FDA Approval Process to Drive Innovation

In recent times, the FDA has streamlined its drug-approval process for drug testing. The new process results in much-lower response time, and additional support like funding, designated status for special breakthrough status among others. This is in line with the growing need to create new drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing decreasing manufacturing costs, thanks to rising outsourcing of drug manufacturing. Moreover, it is also facing considerable pressure to innovate as prominent drugs licences are expiring due to advent of generic medicines, and expiry of patents. This has resulted in significant rise in funding for research and innovation. The trend is expected to continue in the near future, to drive growth for the 3D cell culture market. The promise of 3D cell culture in making realistic testing on human cells possible before possible liabilities is a major opportunity as based on new guidelines drug testing approval process has matured to allow for speedier turn-around times for approvals for human testing.

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