3-D printed System spurs up Solar Cell Testing notably

In a new development, tests on next-gen solar cell can be carried out in hours and not days thanks to a new printed system that incorporates 3-D components.

The system can examine 16 sample perovskite-based solar cells simultaneously, and in parallel speed up the process dramatically. Thus, it means, the invention can rapidly evaluate the performance and commercial potential of new compounds, thereby significantly speeding up the development process.

“Meanwhile, third-generation perovskite cells display performance shot up by 25%, which is at par with efficiency of conventional silicon-based cells, stated the project leader at the ARC Center of Excellence in Exciton Science

System proven for Laboratory Environments thus far

Nonetheless, the test results obtained are of laboratory tests carried out on millimeter-sized samples in indoor conditions. This does not take into account a wide range of real-world factors such as environmental conditions the cells are subject to, manufacturing process, and possible deterioration over time.

And, to establish the functionality of any system, it is important to know how each different cell design will function on a large scale in real world environment. This requires a proper data library is required to pick the best candidate to be used in next stage. Meanwhile, this new system helps to build this rapidly and speed up transition from laboratory to fabrication.

The right recipe for perovskite solar cells is critically important for transition to distance away from fossil fuels and move towards renewable energy generation. The price is a plus too, with the cost being about 10 times less than silicon cells and are much cheaper to manufacture.

For example, rooftop solar panels manufactured of perovskite will result to be self-sustaining in terms of cost within months instead of years, akin to present models.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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